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    Multi brand, self-finance enterprise with 5 years in the market, covering a service need in a high growth market. Its success is based mainly in:
    - Solid capital
    - The most attractive finance plans in the market
    - High quality client service
    - Access to all automobile brands
    - Highly qualified staff
    - National coverage
    - Broad automobile dealership network
    - Over 20,000 closed contracts

    Products and services

    - Self-financing 50 month long plans
    - Guaranteed delivery
    - Fixed price unit
    - Fixed monthly payments from beginning to end
    - You can choose your payment frequency: weekly, biweekly or monthly
    - Brand and model selection by the client
    - Life insurance included
    - Unemployment insurance included
    - Financed auto insurance by month, quarter, semester or year.

    Operative process

    - A group of persons is integrated (125 persons per group in our case) and they pay monthly quotas to create a financial fund to acquire and deliver the vehicles.
    - Every month an event is celebrated where a unit is awarded with some of our clients present, as well as a Secretary of Policy representative.
    - The units are awarded through a raffle and through an auction
    - Plan 7 to 50 monthly payments with a guaranteed delivery of the unit after 7 punctual monthly payments.
    - Although the quota may not be fixed, the model of the unit is always consistent to the year the car is awarded to the client.


    - 50 Points of purchase
    - Over 200 sales representatives
    - Call center for promotion and client service

    Address: Av. Presidente Juárez 56, Col. El Cortijo, Municipio Tlanepantla, CP. 54000, Tlanepantla, Edo. De México.
    Phone: (55) 5565 77225   Fax: (55) 5675 3146 5