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    The first Green Bank in Mexico.

    Because being green is a philosophy, not a fad. It is seeking out new solutions to problems that have always existed. It is a lifestyle. What does a green bank do? The same as other banks, but with a reduced impact on the world. Helping you make money without forgetting our responsibilities. Less paper, more Internet. A bank that does the right thing without fighting what is most appropriate.

    People are changing the way they do things. Why shouldn’t banks? We want you to invest your money with us but, above all, we want you to have a future where you can enjoy it.

    CIBanco, S.A., with over 30 years’ experience in the financial arena, is a Mexican full-service bank that offers differentiated financial products, meeting traditional banking needs and also offering products that adopt measures in favor of the environment and social equity by favoring sustainability as the core of the business, without neglecting profitability.

    A large part of its success has been its extensive coverage on national territory with over 185 branches spread out over 32 states, in addition to its important ATM network.

    Our Products:

    CIBanco’s vision has been based on creating a range of financial products and services for its customers by diversifying its source of income and extending the market niches it serves. Today, its wide variety makes it an attractive offer in the market through traditional and sustainable products:

    • Investments
    • Corporate Credit
    • Automotive Credit
    • International Trade and Commerce
    • Money Market
    • Currencies
    • Derivatives
    • Trusts
    • Internet Banking
    • Telephone Banking
    • Mobile Banking
    • ATMs
    • Debit Card
    • Insurance
    • Agrobusiness
    • CICash Multicurrency
    • CIEstrategias por Somoza Musi
    • CIAuto Verde (Automotive Credit)
    • CICuenta Sustentable (Sustainable Account)
    • CIPanel Solar (Solar Panel - Credit for Photovoltaic Cells)
    • CIFondo Verde (Green Fund - Main investment in shares of IPC Sustentable operated by CICasa de Bolsa)

    Address:  Paseo  de las Palmas No. 215, Piso 7, Lomas de Chapultepec, C. P. 11000 México D.F.
    Phone: 52 55 11031220, 01800 2524226